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Social Shake Up #socialshakeup

July 27, 2014

I just registered for the Social Shake Up, a 2-day industry event in September about social media and marketing – and oh so much more. The agenda is packed with relevant information for implementing social media strategically throughout a global business, but what I’m really excited about is talking with so many leaders who are creating, reshaping and measuring the way to the future. We are beyond experimental social media and deep into using it to engage for real business impact. Social Shake Up attendees know this, do this and want this – and are excited about the opportunity to learn from each other.

ssu_landing_logoIn its second year, the conference gathers leaders from across the industry to share how they are changing the way we work.  Social provides new ways to connect with customers, employees, managers, and leaders, but doing so strategically and at scale means you need to build a strategy, deliver content in an authentic way for the audience and measure results that matter.

At the conference I’ll be moderating a panel session on Global customer experience, specifically how to make sure social messages are relevant to a global audience. I’ll draw on my experience leading global web, social media, and employee ambassador programs for IBM to draw insights from the panelists about balancing corporate standardization with local needs, bringing the right voices into the social conversations, and establishing measurements across disparate systems.

The other sessions focus on six areas of business that are rapidly changing the way we work: content marketing, the customer experience, future tech, big data, social organization, and C-suite strategy. What I like about the agenda is that this isn’t Social Media 101. Innovative practitioners; tried, true, and failed tactics; and lots of brainstorming among people who are up to their elbows in this – and accountable for it.

It is a powerful opportunity to think more broadly about social media at work – join me Sept. 16-17 in Atlanta. Find out more at #socialshakeup


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