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B2B Social: Using social media to foster authenticity and get results #DMA13

October 9, 2013

Next week I’m hosting an Ask the Experts Roundtable at DMA2013 in Chicago on this subject.

Here’s the abstract:

Building social into your B2B digital marketing plan is easy, just open a Twitter account. Right? Wrong. The key to effective and influential social marketing is authentic relationships among the people involved in your business – inside and outside your company. In this Ask the Expert session, we’ll discuss:

  1. Who to involve in B2B social, which social venues to use, and what type of content works
  2. How to build an effective program for educating participants and motivating them to stay involved
  3. Key metrics to measure impact and analyze effectiveness

I’ll lead a discussion on how people in a business can participate in social media in meaningful ways. That is, in ways that are strategic, purposeful, and measurable, so the actions drive business. I’m developing a short presentation, which I’ll post here as well.

If you or anyone you know are attending, please get in touch on Twitter @jeanne_murray.

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