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About Me, the longer version

October 9, 2013

I help businesses reach audiences to deliver value, especially using digital technologies.

My elevator speech

I’m a business consultant with expertise in strategic planning, market development, digital campaign marketing, and online training programs. I’m a collaborative leader with experience in the global information technology industry, enterprise program management, and non-profit development.  I spent much of my career with large corporations, including IBM, and my clients now include universities, small businesses, and non profits in addition to enterprises. I blend a vision for innovation with practical experience and a focus on measurable results.

My themes for this blog: insights on working, learning, and collaborating in a digital world

  • social collaboration
  • community engagement
  • online learning
  • digital marketing
  • data-driven marketing and analytics
  • global business – for profit and non profit
  • work and family

My story

Early in my career, I lived in the Washington DC area, working as an editor and writer for a trade association and a major a consulting firm. Then, realizing we were nearing an age where we’d no longer qualify for student travel rates, a friend and I purchased Eurorail,  TransSiberan Railway and plane tickets for a backpacking trip around the world. Three months living out of a backpack gave me a thirst for adventure and a desire to see more of the world, goals I continue to pursue.

I moved to Durham NC for a different adventure (my wonderful marriage), started working for IBM in Research Triangle Park, and earned a graduate degree at one of the world class universities in the region. I started my IBM career in software development and latched on to this new idea called the internet. Believe it or not, it was an entreprenurial thought in 1999 to use the internet to reach, engage, and build community among a worldwide audience. I and a small band of merry and incredibly talented colleagues launched the very successful website, which today is used by 4 million technical practitioners per month.

In recent years I’ve led pioneering programs to harness the power of social collaboration for business. I’ve built and deployed digital marketing campaigns that incorporate social touchpoints, community engagement programs to drive employee workforce productivity, and social influencer coaching programs to help experts build relationships that drive business success.

My beautiful family has inspired me and helped me hone skills in setting priorities, clarifying goals, and asking for help. From time to time I’ll share thoughts in this blog on what “balance” means, as a working mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, community volunteer, reader of great books, and runner of long distances.

My next adventure

I’ve started Murray Digital Consulting to help clients on their quest to work more efficiently, reach audiences more effectively and make a difference in the world. Whether you are wanting to incorporate digital technologies into your business workflow, looking to deploy online learning and community engagement or needing greater marketing impact, I want to help you.

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